Compucorp 324G Scientist Scientific programmable calculator

General specifications
Type Scientific programmable calculator
Production years 1972 - 1975
New price USD 795.00
Operating system n.a.
Chipset/CPU Texas Instruments chipset
I/O -
Performance index 0
Entry method Algebraic
Precision 13 digits
Advanced functions

Forensic result 8.999998638082

Scientific programmable calculator: Compucorp 324G Scientist
Programming model Keystroke entry
Programming features

Program display Not possible
Program editing Not possible
Programming 160 program steps
Data 10 numbers
Functions + - ^
Type PFD
Size 10+2 digits
LWH 22914076 mm
Weight 1811 g
Batteries 4D
External power 7VDC 1.3A
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The CompuCorp 324G Scientist is one in a series of calculators created by the Computer Design Corporation in Los Angeles. CompuCorp designed a generic data-processor with external ROM chips for the operating system and mathematical functions and external RAM for data- and program-storage. By changing the ROM chips, highly specialized calculators could be manufactured. Both data-processing and RAM/ROM chips where manufactured by Texas Instruments.

The 324G allows for 2 programs, each 80 steps in length and 10 data memories. No conditional or branching functions are available, making programming challenging. And no editing of existing programs is possible. Make a mistake? You have to type the whole program in again from the start. Some iterative programming is possible due to the fact that the program counter runs in loops. That is, after the last program step, the 324G starts at step 1 again. I've not been able to get a performance index program running yet.

The 2nd function key is nice to mention. When using a dual function key like SIN/COS, both functions are actually calculated. The first result (SIN) is initially displayed. Pressing the 2nd function key switches between the first and second result and show the COS result. Weird...

Although the 324G Scientist can operate on 4 D-cell batteries for between 2 and 3 hours, it is more a desktop calculator due to its weight and size. The Ni-Cd batteries are rechargeable inside the calculator. It comes in a sturdy plastic carrying case which is larger, quite a bit larger that the average laptop case of present day.

My 324G Scientist came with the original batteries from 1974 (Made in Bristol). They where covered in salty looking crystals, but after 34 years they did not leak one drop of acid inside the battery compartment! Where can you find that kind of quality today?! Check out the photo's at the bottom of this page.


Scientific programmable calculator: Compucorp 324G Scientist

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