Jeppesen TechStar Flight computer

General specifications
Type Flight computer
Production years 1992 -
New price
Operating system
I/O -
Performance index 0
Entry method Algebraic
Precision 6 digits
Advanced functions

Forensic result N.a.

Flight computer: Jeppesen TechStar
Programming model Not applicable
Programming features

Program display Not applicable
Program editing Not applicable
Data 6 numbers
Functions + -
Type LCD
Size 3+6 7 14-segment characters
LWH 1477636 mm
Weight 190 g
Batteries 4AAA
External power -
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This was the first calculator designed exclusively for Jeppesen. All previous Jeppesen devices where manufactured by Texas Instruments

For the brochure:

Pre-flight and inflight planning couldn't be easier!

The Jeppesen TechStar hand-held flight computer combines the latest electronic technology with unparalleled user friendliness and accuracy. The convenient, self-prompting design enables you to input given values in any order and compute the results.

TechStar also enables you to change variables and recompute without reentering the entire problem. TechStar easily out preforms any other hand-held flight computer and features six independant memory registers so you can save critical data for use in other computations.

The Jeppesen TechStar Electronic Flight Computer is fully supported by a Three Year Warranty and comes equiped with everything you need to start using it right away, including batteries!


Flight computer: Jeppesen TechStar

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I have this same model but, I need a manual. I never got one went I bought mine.
Tim Cooper
June 24th, 2009