Jeppesen TechStar Pro Flight computer

General specifications
Type Flight computer
Production years -
New price
Operating system
I/O Serial (RS-232)
Performance index 0
Entry method Unknown
Precision 6 digits
Advanced functions

Forensic result

Flight computer: Jeppesen TechStar Pro
Programming model Unknown
Programming features

Program display Unknown
Program editing Unknown
Type LCD
Size 8 characters
LWH mm
Weight g
External power
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From the brochure:

The TechStar Pro combines the latest technology and ease of use to give you a 7-function aviation computer and 8-function personal organizer, all in one compact handheld unit. Student to Airline Transport Pilot, use it in the cockpit, home, office or classroom. TechStar Pro reflects the latest in design, technology and problem-solving capability. Individual data prompts and an eight-line LCD display make TechStar Pro simple and convenient to use. The intuitive, user friendly prompting system displays the necessary variables. In addition to basic and advanced arithmetic functions, TechStar Pro is designed with seven main aviation operating modes and eight organizer modes which offer quick and simple use including:

* Time/Speed/Distance
* Altitude/Airspeed
* Wind
* Weight and Balance
* Latitude/Longitude
* Timer
* Conversions
* Telephone/Address
* Personal Memo/To Do
* Daily Scheduler
* Trip Expense Log
* Monthly Calendar
* Local Time
* World Time (128 cities + Zulu time conversions)
* Calculator
* Approved for use on FAA Knowledge Examinations

Whether you are studying for an FAA exam, preparing for your A&P or simply in need of an organizer, TechStar Pro is invaluable for all these tasks and many more.


Flight computer: Jeppesen TechStar Pro

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