Hewlett-Packard HP-95LX Organiser

General specifications
Type Organiser
Production years 1990 - -
New price -
Operating system MS-DOS 3.22
Chipset/CPU NEC V20H @ 5.74 MHz (8086 compatible)
I/O Serial port, IR port, PCMCIA 1.0 / JEIDA 4.0
Performance index 260
Entry method Spreadsheet calculation
Precision 16 digits
Advanced functions

Forensic result 9.000000000029575

Organiser: Hewlett-Packard HP-95LX
Programming model Spreadsheet data
Programming features

Program display Formula
Program editing Formula entry
Programming 512 kB
Data 512 kB
Functions + -
Type LCD
Size 240128 pixels
LWH 86.415925.4 mm
Weight 312 g
Batteries 2AA + 1CR-2032
External power HP adapter (12V)
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The calculator has an option to switch between algebraic and RPN entry and supports function graphing.


Finding software for the 95LX is not easy these days. A lot of searches turn up ftp://eddie.mit.edu/pub/hp95lx or ftp://eddie.mit.edu/distrib/hp95lx as a possible source. But the ftp site contains no files. After a lot of digging around, I finally managed to find what seems to be a copy of eddie's files. And to make it very easy for myself, and maybe you, to find this precious archive, I published it here .
Have fun everyone!

Contents of the archive:

Last updated: 92-04-03
Name                            Description

./Index This file; Index to programs / data ./README Primary intro to this archive ./calculators/apcalc.zip system-manager compliant programmers calculator ./calculators/cmcalc.zip a computer math calculator ./comm/noshp95.zip a minimal KA9Q NOS setup for the HP95LX ./doc/48irdecode.doc HP48 -> RS232 IR decoder info ./doc/leathercase.doc Carrying case for HP95LX ./doc/grafix.doc Programming graphics on the HP95LX ./doc/inthe95.doc Directory listing / summary for the HP95LX ./doc/isvapp95.doc Developer Registration Form for the HP95LX ./doc/jaguar.doc Independently available products for the HP95LX ./doc/jeteye.doc IR Printer connectivity for the HP95LX ./doc/keys95.doc Scancode conversion tables for the HP95LX ./doc/modem.doc Information about modems + the HP95LX ./doc/pager.doc Motorola Datastream Pager info ./doc/sw95.doc More announced products for the HP95LX ./doc/scancode.doc (DUP?) Scancode conversion tables ./doc/derive.doc Derive card information ./doc/tpas5grf.doc Turbo Pascal 5.0 on the HP95LX ./doc/IRinterfacing.doc Interfacing to the HP95LX IR port ./doc/IRschema.doc Schematic of IR port ./doc/tc2exm.doc How to create .EXM files from Borland C ./doc/turboc.doc How to create .EXM files from Turbo C ./editors/freyja.tar.Z An emacs like editor (v1.3) ./editors/vde.zip A visual editor ./editors/freyja.zip An emacs like editor (v1.3) ./games/ag.zip Chess and Space invader games ./games/divdsk.zip Various games for the HP95LX ./games/gnuchess.arc GNU Chess for the HP95LX ./games/klon95.zip a SYSMGR Klondike Solitaire game ./languages/ylisp95.zip YLISP Language for HP95LX ./others/lharc.exe Archiver ./others/pkunzip.exe unzip files (*.zip) ./others/tw13.exe TRAVELWARE 1.3, an organizer for travelling ./others/dialtone.zip Dial tone! ./tools/i13fix.zip Bug fix INT 13 ./tools/hp95dev.zip HP toolkit for making HP95LX applications ./tools/gpscreen.zip HP 95LX Graphical Print Screen Utility ./tools/irprtsc.zip HP 95LX Graphical Print Screen Utility For Infrared Printers ./tools/server.zip The $SERVER Command, And The SERCMD Program ./tools/chmodc.exe a MS-DOS File attribute modification program ./tools/diet12.exe a file compression program used to save disk space ./tools/kbfix2.arc a caps lock control utility for the HP95LX ./tools/pb19.exe a macro program for the HP95LX ./tools/pc0334.arc PC Outline, an outliner program ./tools/skpd.zip A drawing tool for the HP 95LX ./tools/vdlc.com a program that acts as an automatic deletion program ./tools/lx2cm.sh Converts HP95LX Appointments to OpenWindows Calendar Manager ./tools/e2m.exe EXE to EXM for TURBO C ./tools/weekabk.zip a SYSMGR program for showing one week of appointments NEW: editors/freyja.tar freyja in UNIX tar format NEW: comm/commo52.zip Good Shareware Communications Package NEW: comm/cmohp52.zip Good Shareware Communications Package NEW: tools/dm32.zip Directory manager for hp95lx NEW: tools/CED.LZH Command line editor NEW: tools/CEDHP95.README Doc for CED. Command line editor. NEW: editors/freyja.exe New version of freyja NEW: editors/freyja.tar.Z New version of freyja in compress / tar format NEW: editors/freyja.txt DOC for freyja project NEW: others/zip151.zip Another zip facility NEW: pcx/* Archive from USENET of PCX files NEW: tools/clock.doc Clock program for HP95LX NEW: tools/clock.exm Sysmgr compliant clock NEW: tools/clock.tar Tar file of clock package NEW: tools/hp95ctrl.zip No description available for this one




Organiser: Hewlett-Packard HP-95LX

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Hi. Very nice collection you have. I also have a bunch of HP's and would like to make a homepage like yours. Have you made it with PHP and MySql?

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Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen
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