Psion Organiser I Organiser

General specifications
Type Organiser
Production years 1984 - -
New price USD 199.95
Operating system n.a.
Chipset/CPU HD6301X, .92 MHz
I/O Psion I/O, Datapack expansion port
Performance index 0
Entry method Algebraic
Precision digits
Advanced functions

Forensic result -

Organiser: Psion Organiser I
Programming model OPL (Organiser Programming Language)
Programming features

Program display Text
Program editing Text editor
Programming 2 kB
Data 2 kB
Secondary 8 kB
ROM 4 kB
Type LCD
Size 116 characters
LWH 1427829.3 mm
Weight 225 g
Batteries 19V
External power -
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Organiser: Psion Organiser I

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