Sharp PC-1403H BASIC programmable calculator

General specifications
Type BASIC programmable calculator
Production years 1987 - -
New price -
Operating system n.a.
Chipset/CPU 8-bit CMOS @ 768 kHz
I/O I/O port
Performance index 14
Entry method BASIC expressions
Precision 12 digits
Advanced functions

Forensic result 8.99998153428

BASIC programmable calculator: Sharp PC-1403H
Programming model BASIC and Assembler
Programming features

Program display Text
Program editing Text editor
Programming 32 kB
Data 31454 bytes
ROM 72 kB
Functions +
Type LCD
Size 24 characters
L×W×H 178×76×12 mm
Weight 141 g
Batteries 2×CR-2032
External power -
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Performance index

This is the listing for calculating the performance index I. Total number of operations is 340, so I is 340/execution_time_in_seconds
10:FOR I=1 TO 10
20:FOR J=1 TO 10
100:NEXT J
110:X=LOG X
120:X=SIN X
130:X=SQRT X
140:X=SQRT X
150:NEXT I

And the printed result is 3.521579143E-01


There is no mention of either PEEK or POKE in the Sharp manual, so here is a little explanation that might be helpful.
Since the PC-1403 is programmable in BASIC, PEEK and POKE can be used without a problem. The reason why Sharp has not mentioned it in their manual is unclear to me.
The implementation of the Sharp basic POKE is a little different from standard BASIC. The syntax:

POKE [address],[data 1],[data 2],...,[data n] (Normally this would be POKE [address],[data])

The difference is that on the PC-1403 you can use one POKE statement to fill multiple memory places. [address] indicates the address where [data 1] is stored. The [data 2] is stored in [address + 1] and so forth.
[address] can be a decimal or hexadecimal value. When using a hexadecimal value, prefix it with $

11 pin I/O connector

The 11-pin connector is a proprietary Sharp interface used to connect printers, cassette interfaces, and pocket floppy drives.
I have found 2 different pin-layouts on the net so far. Anyone who can tell me which is the right one?

pin 	name		description

1 MT 2 (not used on some models) 2 Ground 3 VCC Power 4 Busy 5 Data out Data out to printer (bit by bit) 6 X out Data to the cassette recorder 7 X in Data from the cassette recorder 8 Data in Data in (bit by bit) 9 ACK Enables CPU to read data bit by bit 10 IO 2 SEL 2 output from CPU 11 IO 1 SEL 1 output from CPU

pin 	name		description

1 nicht belegt - - 2 +6V VCC Spannungsversorgung - 3 Masse GND Masse in 4 Leitung Über F-Port: siehe Ports out 5 Leitung Über Adresse &3A00-FF: siehe Ports out 6 LOAD Wird von CLOAD benutzt, Abfrage über TEST 128 in 7 SAVE Wird von CSAVE benutzt, Steuerung über C-Port Bit 4,5 und 6 out 8 Leitung Über B-Port/Adresse &3A00-FF: siehe Ports in/out? 9 Leitung Über B-Port/Adresse &3C00-&3DFF: siehe Ports in/out 10 Leitung Über Adresse &3A00-FF: siehe Ports out 11 Leitung Über Adresse &3A00-FF: siehe Ports out

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A listing of all my Sharp documents.Derived from the PC-1401.


BASIC programmable calculator: Sharp PC-1403H

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7 Responses so far

May I akk a question?
I have a PC-1403 H that is probably running in a cloosed loop.
I set power on and it indicates: busy and stays on basic. I can not go over to Cal; run or pro. It stays on Basic.
Have You any idee what I can do?
Thanks for any reaction.
Michel Maho
July 17th, 2009
@Redondo: have a look at the 'Sharp to RS-232 Serial Converter' document listed above. This describes in detail how to connect your Sharp PC-1403 via RS-232 to a pc. There are even documents with electronics schematics and PCB layouts, all you have to do is get the components and put it all together. Good luck! And keep us posted here if you succeed in connecting you PC-1403!
June 17th, 2009
how to conect my pc to 1403? Can anyone tell me, I got my sharp yestrday! Thanks
June 17th, 2009
Hi Tom,

I got mine from a local eBay-like site. All I can say is keep your eyes and ears open. Good luck!
June 8th, 2009
I am looking to purchase a 1403, but have had no luck.
Any ideas?
Tom Gosling
June 8th, 2009

This item is not for sale (non of the items on this site are). Please use eBay or similar sites to find calculators for sale.
March 4th, 2009

i WANT TO buy the Calculator SHARP PC - 1403H
What is the price, and how can I buy it Online.

Jackson Majura
March 4th, 2009