Texas Instruments TI-59 Scientific programmable calculator

General specifications
Type Scientific programmable calculator
Production years 1977 - -
New price -
Operating system n.a.
Chipset/CPU -
I/O Printer port
Performance index 2.5
Entry method Algebraic with precedence
Precision 13 digits
Advanced functions

Forensic result 9.000004661314

Scientific programmable calculator: Texas Instruments TI-59
Programming model Partially merged keystroke
Programming features

Program display Keycode
Program editing Insert/delete capability
Programming 960 program steps
Data 100 numbers
Functions + -
Type LED
Size 10(8+2) digits
LWH 1657638 mm
Weight 340 g
Batteries 3NiCd AA
External power AC-9131 adapter (3.3VAC 500mA)
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The TI-59 was a true marvel of it's time. The 960 program steps and 100 memory registers where among the best. It has an expansion socket on the back for solid state ROM modules (see images of the Master Library at the bottom of this page). Routines from the ROM modules could be easily incorporated in your own programs. Together with the printer/docking station (PC-100C) it was a dream machine of the late 1970's.

ROM modules

 # Name
 1 Master Library
 2 Statistics
 3 Real Estate
 4 Surveying
 5 Navigation
 6 Aviation
 7 Leisure
 8 Securities Analysis
 9 Business Decisions
10 Math Utilities
11 Electrical Engineering
12 Agriculture
13 RPN Simulator


I found this item, complete with PC-100C printer unit, in a garage-sale... for only 2.50! It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime finds. The woman I bought it from clearly didn't have a clue as to what she was selling. Her husband was somewhere about at the time.

Anyway, I took the device home, connected it to the mains and was happy to see everything worked fine. It didn't come with anything but the TI-59 and PC-100C, no manuals, cables or even a battery-pack.

If you would like to try a TI-59, there is an emulator here , which runs directly in the browser.


Scientific programmable calculator: Texas Instruments TI-59

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3 Responses so far

Hi Olli,

I already have a TI-59 in my collection.

I others would like to contact you, they can leave e message here.
February 17th, 2010
Hi, there,

I have an exactly similar, practically unused unit with all the solid state software and user manuals to go. Are you or somebody you know, interested in it. It has a brand new battery pack plus in reserve.
Olli Eloranta
February 17th, 2010
there is now an also a TI 59 emulator for iphone : search for i59
October 16th, 2009