Texas Instruments TI-68 Scientific programmable calculator

General specifications
Type Scientific programmable calculator
Production years 1989 - 1999
New price USD 65
Operating system n.a.
Chipset/CPU Toshiba T9948A
I/O none
Performance index 0
Entry method Formula entry
Precision 13 digits
Advanced functions

Forensic result 8.999999007884

Scientific programmable calculator: Texas Instruments TI-68
Programming model Formula programming
Programming features

Program display Formula
Program editing Formula entry
Programming 440 program steps
Data 55 numbers
Functions + - ^
Type LCD
Size 12 characters
LWH 1527612 mm
Weight 113 g
Batteries 1CR-2032
External power -
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The TI-68 has been called 'Advanced Scientific' and 'almost programmable'. Stricktly steaking it's not programmable, but it allows you to define functions or formulas. The formula solver is powerful.

The TI-68 is one of the early calculators using the EOS or Equation Operating System compared to the original AOS system developed with the SR-52. The TI-68 lets you enter an expression into the entry line the same way as you would write it. You can move throught the entry line to review or edit any part of the expression before evaluating it.

It's cluttered keyboard with 2nd, 3rd and ALPHA keys can be challenging.


Scientific programmable calculator: Texas Instruments TI-68

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3 Responses so far

Still working fine since the purchase back in '89, except for 1 vertical display line. Terific machine!
December 6th, 2009
I finally found a Radio Shack EC-4044 (OEM version of the TI-68) on Craigslist and snapped it up. I wish the TI-68/EC 4044 was available new as well. It's a wonderful calculator that compares favourably to machines 20 years newer. About the only thing missing is a 2 or more line display. I hope that HP's success with the HP35s will prompt TI to develop a professional non-graphing scientific calculator.
Michael Plant
April 20th, 2009
I purchased this back in 1989 when it first came out. It finally died on me yesterday (6/2/2008). I loved that calculator and I wish it was still available today in stores.
Kim Wright
June 3rd, 2008