Sharp PC-1270 BASIC programmable calculator

General specifications
Type BASIC programmable calculator
Production years 1985 - -
New price USD 85
Operating system n.a.
Chipset/CPU 4-bit CMOS @ 1 MHz
I/O 11-pin
Performance index 0
Entry method BASIC expressions
Precision 10 digits
Advanced functions

Forensic result -

No image available
Programming model BASIC
Programming features

Program display Unknown
Program editing Unknown
Programming 16 kB
Data 16 kB
ROM 24 kB
Type LCD
Size 16 characters
LWH 135809.5 mm
Weight 85 g
Batteries 2CR2032
External power -
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Programs were developed for the PC-1270 by two methods.

For simpler programs, the program were developed on one of the other Sharp Pocket Computers that has a full qwerty keyboard (PC-1250A, etc.). These calculators allowed you to enter, edit and run a program.

When the project is complete, the program was transferred to the PC-1270 using either a cassette player interface (included with the CE-123P Printer System) or an EA-129C interconnecting cable. The program was stored on a RAM card in the PC-1270.

PROM's SBC Development System allowed the development of programs on a PC, using conventional text or programmer's editors. Programs written using the enhanced SBC language does not require line numbers and allowed the use of long variable names and labels (without consuming any space in the target calculator). This system could be used for both Flash cards and RAM cards.A specific application computer, derived from the PC-1251.


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