Texas Instruments TI-58 Harrier Flight computer

General specifications
Type Flight computer
Production years 1977 - -
New price -
Operating system n.a.
Chipset/CPU -
I/O Printer port
Performance index 0
Entry method Algebraic with precedence
Precision 13 digits
Advanced functions

Forensic result 9.000004661314

Flight computer: Texas Instruments TI-58 Harrier
Programming model Partially merged keystroke
Programming features

Program display Keycode
Program editing Insert/delete capability
Programming 480 program steps
Data 60 numbers
Functions + -
Type LED
Size 10(8+2) digits
LWH 1657638 mm
Weight 340 g
Batteries 3NiCd AA
External power AC-9131 adapter (3.3VAC 500mA)
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The TI-58 Harrier (full name: USMC Harrier VSTOL/REST Calculator) was a purpose build version designed specifically for doing Harrier aviation calculations for the American air force. It had a Harrier program module and a custom keyboard overlay. The back of the calculator had velcro glued to it so it could be attached to the flight suit of the pilots.
The TI-58 Harrier was able to calculate Vertical & Short Take-Off & Land (VSTOL) charcatersitics and Range, Endurance, Speed, & Time (REST) characteristics of the Harrier aircraft.


Flight computer: Texas Instruments TI-58 Harrier

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