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Why this site?

There are a number of realy good sites about calculators to be found, check out www.rskey.org , www.calculatormuseum.nl and www.calculators.de to name but a few?

So why another? Well, the answer simply that none of them has the wide scope of pocket devices that I am interested in. www.rskey.org is possibly the best site about programmable calculators, and www.calculators.de undoubtedly has the largest collection of calculators on the web.
But none of them say anything about the Psion- or Sharp ZQ-series. So I hope you enjoy my collection of pocket computing devices.

Expanding my collection

I am always looking to expand my collection. If you have something you think might be of interest to me, please leave a message at the bottom of this page.


Have you noticed anything incomplete or inaccurate with any of the calculators on this site? Please use the feedback option to reports them. Other comments can be left at the bottom of this page.

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14 Responses so far

I have a used casio fx-601p and a fa-1 adapter which I bought in 1981. This is in perfect working condition with its own wallet together with 2 inlay cards. What would the value be for both items together. I have a bag for the adaptor and instruction manual, but no instruction manual for the calculator. Thanks
January 25th, 2011
Elmo - I'd be interested in your calcorex 403
contact me at twentyonegrams-at-gmail-dot-com



September 27th, 2010
Hello, I have a batch of 4 casio FC1000 financial calculator, graphic programmable calculators, boxed with manual, new.
Are you interested or do you know where can i post ads for selling them?
P.S. i also have a used sharp Pc1150 pocket pc from 1988
Massimo Visconti
August 8th, 2010
I have an sr52 with a pc 100a, magnetic strips, 2 containers of 3 rolls each of TI thermal paper and all manuals for the above. They belonged to my father. I can't tell you if it works as I don't know how to use it.

Any interest? If your time permits a quick yes or no would be appreciated.
Thanks, Jon
July 7th, 2010

I have a Texas Instruments for sale and was wondering if you might be interested ? Its a Texas Instruments TI-44 in working condition.
Comes complete with the original manual and a holder for the calculator itself.

I can supply you with photo's.

Asking 7 euro's for it + shipping (from the Netherlands).

Best regards,

June 13th, 2010

Here is my collection of calculators that I want to sell.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested.

Olympia CD 602 (http://www.devidts.com/be-calc/desk_14863.html)
Triumph 804 (http://www.devidts.com/be-calc/desk_10318.html)
Brother 408ad (http://www.devidts.com/be-calc/poc_13894.html)
Casio fx-102 (http://mycalcdb.free.fr/main.php?l=0&id=319)
Casio M-1 (http://mycalcdb.free.fr/main.php?l=0&id=340)
Texas Instruments SR-50A (http://www.devidts.com/be-calc/poc_09222.html)
Lloyd's ACCUMATIC 333 aka E333 (http://mycalcdb.free.fr/main.php?l=0&id=1048)
Canon Palmtronic F-41 (http://mycalcdb.free.fr/main.php?l=0&id=3125)
Olivetti 45PD AKA Olivetti LOGOS 45PD ( http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/7433/olivettilogos45pd.jpg )

And next model is probably extreme rarity - original condition, together with a original adapter and leather case
Ei minitron841 [ Electronic Industry Nis - Yugoslavia ] ( http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/9017/eiminitron841.jpg )

Also rarity
TRS Calcorex 403 [ Electronic Industry Zagreb - Yugoslavia ] ( http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/9408/calcorex403.jpg )

June 7th, 2010
I have a near perfect HP11C programmable scientific calculator to sell. I baught it in 1983 as a student. Hardly ever used (changed occupation). It is complate andn includes the slip case, AND original Owners Manual and Problem Solving Guide. Also included is the Quick reference guide.
March 25th, 2010
Dear O.C ,
I want to buy your calculator Casio Fx 5000f
How much is it ?
please answer me on email : xxx
Best Regards,
February 14th, 2010
Dear Sir,

I have a CASIO fx-5000f that has never been used,
in the original box with manual. never saw the light of day.
It is believed to be 30 years old.
I thought you might be interested.

Best Regards,
December 13th, 2009
I do not collect calculators, I collect radios... However I have a Casio 121-MR since 1976 and unfortunately my daughter lost the battery door.
I would like to know if you can help to find another one.

Best regards, Philippe.

philippe de craene
November 19th, 2009
I have a Psion organiser 1 ( original model) in working order for sale.
It's on ebay UK if you're interested.
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell
October 19th, 2009
Dear Sir,
Are you interested in a 6S solar model with two plastic sleeves and a manual? I also have a 20S with the case and a manual. Both are in excellent condition. If not, might you know someone who is?

Richard Hilgart
September 20th, 2009

I am looking for a computerlink cable for Sharp ZQ 6300 M

Any offer ?
IAd P.Koekenbier
August 17th, 2009
I put theses old calculators on ebay :


Numéro de l'objet : 300226258887
Scomark super 99M 99 M calculatrice électronique étui
Vintage pocket electronic hand-held calculator Rechner


Numéro de l'objet : 300226257021
Abatron 800 vintage electronic calculator 1973 Rechner
Calculatrice électronique Business Electronics Ltd 1971
May 21st, 2008