Calculator forensics explained

Calculator forensics is a term coined up by Mike Sebastian which seeks to answer the questions of who originally designed a particular calculator's chip set, what features of a particular calculator have been borrowed from earlier designs, and how has calculator technology spread among the manufacturers.

How to calculate

To calculate the forensic result of a particular device, make sure it is in degree mode and calculate the following


The result is close to 9, typically something like 8.99999... or 9.00000...

More info

Please visit Mike Sebastian's site for a detailed analysis.

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Hi Robert,

Thanks, I have updated the Casio page. Also, I have decided to use the suggested photo. I could not find an email address of the owner, but I state here that if the rightfull owner makes himself known to me I will acknowledge him and remove the picture when so requested.
October 31st, 2008

1) Calculator Forensics for Casio FX-7200G
Casio fx-7200G result is 9.000000590E+00 (I am missing the last three digits due to the E+00 notation but I dont have my manual and havent found the way to switch it back to the normal notation... If i find the manual I will send you an update.

2) Casio FX-7200G image
You can find your missing image for this calculator on
It's not my page so you have to decide whether you want to rip it or ask permission.

Robert Lindeman
October 31st, 2008