Sharp PC-E220 BASIC programmable calculator

General specifications
Type BASIC programmable calculator
Production years 1991 - -
New price -
Operating system n.a.
Chipset/CPU CMOS-SC7852 (Z80A compatible), 3.072 MHz
I/O 11-pin interface (SIO (max. 9600 baud), printer, cassette), 40-pin expansion bus
Performance index 46
Entry method Algebraic with precedence
Precision 10 digits
Advanced functions

Forensic result 8.99998153428

BASIC programmable calculator: Sharp PC-E220
Programming model BASIC and Assembler
Programming features

Program display Text
Program editing Text editor
Programming 32 kB
Data 30435 bytes
Secondary 0
ROM 128 kB
Type LCD
Size 244 characters
LWH 21510018 mm
Weight 280 g
Batteries 4AA + 1CR2032
External power -
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The first thing I noticed about this calculator is its size, it is big. It's like having a large plank on your desk. The good thing about that is that the keys have space and are of good quality and the display is large also. Four lines on a BASIC programmable device is really handy when writing large pieces of code.

The PC E-220 is programmable in both BASIC and Assembler. Programming in Assembler is done is a real build in Assember text editor, not via peek and poke instructions from BASIC.

The performance index puts the PC-E220 in the same category as the TI-92. Not bad at all considering the Sharp uses am 8-bit Z80 CPU @ 3 MHz and the TI-92 uses a 32-bit MC68000 @ 10 MHz processor! I might have to have a look at the settings of the TI, maybe something was slowing it down when I measured the performance index.

The PC E-220 is derived from the PC-E200.


BASIC programmable calculator: Sharp PC-E220

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