Non-programmable calculators

  Brand/model Type Prog. model Display Memory
Calculator (non-programmable): Canon Palmtronic LE-100Canon Palmtronic LE-100Calculator (non-programmable)Not applicableLED
10 digits
0 (0 )
Calculator (non-programmable): Hewlett-Packard HP-01Hewlett-Packard HP-01Calculator (non-programmable)Not applicableLED
9 7-segment characters
(1 numbers)
No image availableHewlett-Packard HP-16CCalculator (non-programmable)Fully-merged keystroke entryLCD
10(7+2) digits
203 program steps (203 bytes)
Calculator (non-programmable): Sharp EL-506PSharp EL-506PCalculator (non-programmable)Not applicableLCD
10 (8+2) digits
(1 numbers)
Calculator (non-programmable): Texas Instruments TI-45Texas Instruments TI-45Calculator (non-programmable)Not applicableVFD
8 digits
(1 numbers)
Calculator (non-programmable): Tronica 3000Tronica 3000Calculator (non-programmable)Not applicableLED
9 digits
0 (0 )
6 item(s) in this list.

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